Wyatt Rundel is the Owner/Operator of the Double R Ranch.  Wyatt was raised on a family farm in western Kansas, and moved to Wichita after graduating from K-State with a degree in Agribusiness.  Growing up on the family farm, Wyatt was taught the value of hard work early on, and always found enjoyment caretaking for family livestock.  Through 4-H, FFA, rodeo, and various Saddle Clubs, Wyatt discovered his real passion for horses. Beyond work, Wyatt enjoys hunting, KSU sports, concerts, and a good ol’ fashioned bonfire.  You can normally find Wyatt talking with customers, or working on projects at the Double R Ranch.

Hannah Cook is the Manager of Double R Ranch. Hannah was introduced to horses at 5 years old, instantly fell in love, and over the last 20 years has been constantly involved in the equine industry on many different levels.  She strives to provide above and beyond care for each and every horse, making sure to give all the attention they deserve each and every day on an individual basis. Hannah truly enjoys her job, and says, “My favorite part of my job is building relationships with both the horses and their owners.”
Kylee Staub is one of the stablehands at Double R Ranch. She is currently a stuent at Wichit State University, majoring in Biology. Kylee has always had a passion for animals but as a young girl she found that horses would always hold a special place in her heart. Kylee has been around animals all her life and pans to keep it that way by pursuing a career as a veterinarian, specializing in equine health. In her spare time she enjoys photography, riding her horse Kid and volunteering for two kanine rescues!
Lizzie White loves working at Double R Ranch! She really enjoys getting to know all of the horses and their unique personalities. When she is not  working or going to school she loves to ride her horses Cider and Ty. She also enjoys her dog, cat and chickens at home.