1. Property Highlights and Amenities
    Double R Ranch provides its boarders with a fully enclosed 45'X75' barn, which holds 8 12'X12' stalls for boarding. The property also has 2 secured tack rooms, a heated restroom in the barn, a 100'X200' outdoor riding arena, a standard round pen for ground work, FREE trailer parking, and trails that surround the property, including the "Big Ditch". All horses have 24/7 access to round bales and can also be grained according to a regimen set up by the owner.
  2. Stall Boarding
    12'X12' interior stall with a 20'X12' outdoor run. Stalls are cleaned daily, water/feed buckets are cleaned weekly, water is dumped and refilled daily, high quality broam hay is given twice a day and horses are provided grain according to regimen set up by owner. Daily turnout is available upon request. Horses have access to a round bale during turnout.
  3. Paddock Boarding
    Horses co-mingle in large paddocks, with 5-6 horses per paddock. We currently have 5 paddocks on the property. Paddock boarding includes access to high quality broam hay 24/7, daily turn out to 12 acres of pasture, feed buckets are cleaned weekly, shelter is cleaned weekly, and water trough is cleaned bi-weekly.
  4. Services Offered by Appointment
    Grooming: full brushing, mane and tail are combed through, hooves are cleaned out. Saddle and/or Saddle Pad Cleaning Riding and/or Round Pen Exercise Bathing
  5. Property Features
    Monthly newsletter from management to keep patrons up to date on all the happenings. "Riding buddies" available to show new riders the trails. Multiple farriers on site regularly.
  6. Barn Calendar
    We strive to keep everything neat and organized so we provide a calendar that is placed in the barn to allow our patrons to write down when they plan to ride, when they are having a farrier come out to work on their horses, when they plan to use the round pen, and so on. This allows everyone to stay in the loop and it allows other patrons to schedule their riding time and/or service times according to when another patron scheduled their times.